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2012 Honda Civic Photos : Pictures from Official Site

As noted in an earlier review, the new 2012 Honda Civic will be available from this spring. The below are some of the 2012 Honda Civic pictures from the official Honda site.

2012-civic-sedan-si-02 2012-civic-coupe-01 2012-civic-coupe-si-01 2012-civic-coupe-si-02 2012-civic-HF-02 2012-civic-hybrid-01 2012-civic-sedan-01 2012-civic-sedan-02 2012-civic-sedan-si-01

Source: http://automobiles.honda.com/future-cars/

Also, there are some 2012 Honda Civic spy shots of Si Coupe.

2012_honda_civic_si_coupe_spy_photo_autolifepasta 2012_honda_civic_si_coupe_spy_photo_102_autolifepasta 2012_honda_civic_si_coupe_spy_photo_103_autolifepasta 2012_honda_civic_si_coupe_spy_photo_104_autolifepasta 2012_honda_civic_si_coupe_spy_photo_105_autolifepasta 2012_honda_civic_si_coupe_spy_photo_107_autolifepasta

Source : www.caranddriver.com

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